Dr. John Nikolovski Discusses the different parts of Orthodontic Braces!

There are different parts of orthodontic appliances that help in treating your case to get a normal bite.  The list below can help to answer your questions below on how we get your smile nice and straight!

1) Orthodontic bracket:  An orthodontic bracket is the main part of braces that help your teeth become straight.  There are different types of orthodontic brackets including metal, clear ceramic braces and even self ligating braces.  These brackets are glued to your teeth and then removed when your braces are finished.  Also, we tie your colored elastics around these braces when you have your monthly orthodontic adjustments.
2) Orthodontic Spring: Springs are placed on the archwire and they can help push your teeth around to get a proper bite.
3) Orthodontic Hooks:  Orthodontic hooks are a part of certain orthodontic brackets and they aid in allowing you to hook elastics on to help slide teeth past one another.
4) Orthodontic Archwire: This is the wire that moves your teeth.  By changing different wire sizes and wire grades we can shift and slide your teeth past one another to align them into that perfect straight smile everyone desires.
5) Orthodontic Bands: These are placed on your last teeth to help act as a strong anchor of your braces.  By placing a strong band at the back, there is usually less breakage of appliances
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